Yori Ding

Social media Expert

With a background in psychology and most recent experiences in Social Media Marketing for UBC blockchain club, Yori aims to curate innovative content and handles the internal operations of the company.

Yori manages and operates in B2B marketing on social media platforms, such as WeChat.



Nicolai Hemdrup

Creative lead

Brings design processes and a strong European aesthetic eye to the team. With 8 years of design experience and working for big companies like Microsoft, and Audi, VW at Germanys’ biggest agency Sinnerschrader run by Accenture. 

Nico oversees the creative side of the company to helps our clients tell a strong story.



Charlie R. Sun

Director & Business Development

With experience in Finance, Automotive Marketing and B2B/B2C Sales, as well as founding one of UBC's dual campus major organizations,  he now seeks to improve how consumers connect with businesses. 

Charlie oversights the team and ensures WestBridge Media continues to deliver business impact and outreach






We are always looking for social media management and copywriter translators talents,  with strong connection to the asian community. we offer a contract based work and you can work from anywhere.